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GCS was founded by Dr. Sascha Andreas Gerhards. He has worked as a freelance consultant since 2008, and has gained extensive experience in project management, curriculum design, and learning & development in industry environments, and as a Professor at Miami University, Earlham College, and Wittenberg University since 2013.



Ph.D. German Cultural Studies & Critical Theory - University of California, Davis

M.A. Comparative Literature - University of Rochester, NY

B.A. English, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Pedagogy - University of Cologne, Germany

Our Mission

GCS focuses on a specific set of skills that derive from decades of experience in consulting, oscillating between different countries, cultures, languages, and industries. Contrary to hard skills such as engineering, IT, and manufacturing, GCS focuses on sophisticated, specialized, and highly individualized soft-skills in content-writing, editing, cultural training, and modern languages. 


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help you thrive. Let's connect!

+1 (513) 620-4856

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